A Novel Addition to the Bing Webmaster Tools — New Bing URL Inspection Tool

5 min readAug 11, 2020

If you have worked on the Bing Webmaster Tools before and haven’t been up to date with the current happenings basically logged out of it completely and came across the term recently, it’s quite the time for you to catch a glimpse supporting the awning tools like the New SEO Tools, SEO analyzing tool for other sites and many such supporting tools to make your content in Bing come alive. Last February, they had revealed the new Bing Webmaster Tools user interface with a collection of tools, they had diverted from there with them the new and improved Bing Webmaster tools platform. What’s interesting about one of the tools is the new Bing URL inspection tool. So, we would be comparing this new inspection tool with the old URL Inspection tool of Google in the article.

As Bing was delighted to offer a more agile, swifter and cleaner and an active variant of the present tools which was existing before (Yes, the new and improved platform of Bing Webmaster Tools is mobile-friendly) to deliver a unique collection of authenticated and enhanced tools for SEO specialists and webmasters.

Let us get into the bit about the new Bing URL inspection tool:

Bing URL inspection tool

This robust tool provides SEO specialists to monitor and conduct certain operations on URLs supporting the domain chosen or decided by you, for SEO, crawling, indexing, and mark-up features or specifications and blunders. This tool won’t just show crawling effects and the issues about it which have been encapsulated within the index situation, SEO flaws in what you have added up and mark-up information to SEO specialists and webmasters in particular, but they also will incorporate relevant information in cases of URL to be pointed out or cannot be shown in Bing search results and recommendations. The webmaster can access a URL for review from the domain filed which they have already computed or the selected one for the last 10 URLs examined in the recent past as well.

Once a URL is given for review or inspection, the system for Bing will review and analyze its state in the Bing’s index and implement specific tags (SEO card, the index card, and the mark-up card). The user also has the advantage to review the URL’s under the Live URL tab, which allows you to comprehend precisely what the Bing bot understands when you start downloading a particular page from the site (your site).

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The other most prominent feature the Webmaster tool has endowed before us is the Backlinks feature which they had removed before:

A while back say…. Around thirteen years back after killing the syntax highlight from Search, Bing offered this piece of the tool within the webmaster tools gateway which is part and parcel of the webmaster’s inspection tool to provide distinctness and clarity for SEO specialists as well as webmasters. The Backlinks summarize the article or subject to a count of referring pages, referring domains, and anchor texts for the entire backlink sketch identified by Bing for your site, enabling to post URLs per Domain field, Pages, and Support texts.

Easy access to your backlinks is a crucial feature for any webmaster. As this is offered with the capability to connect and link your web page with other pages having a similar site trait, with a listing of recommended web pages by Bing, or the page you choose empowering to have the clarity to who is linking back to whom. SEO backlink services provided by one of India’s best SEO companies let you get the research done and receive a triumphant backlink campaign that is classic to your brand and goals for your website.

Let’s look at and compare the inspection tool of Google:

compare the inspection tool of Google

Google and Bing’s URL Inspection tools are quite similar and don’t differ in any way. They do the same thing: objective to help webmasters and developers enhance their SEOs and allow the web page proprietors to see the latent indexing problems with URLs in their particular search engines. Using both. Even though they are alike, does not mean you should just work with one. Use both is what I would say as each will dispense and help you show, how your URLs are performing within the distinct search engines.

If you want to check how the URL’s in Google are doing use the Google URL inspection tool. If you want to check how the URL’s in Bing, use the Bing URL Inspection tool.

Both have their advantages for their own particular specific search engine like the new Bing URL inspection tool and Google’s variant. If we compare each and everything about Bing and Google, we might have bits and pieces of specifications above the other. But in the end, it’s about utilizing both to create marvelous content for clients. Engaging in, with one of the best SEO services in India to empower your web page to its limits should be a step that must be leaped to catch with the rest.

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