3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Videos are the best way to connect with people. Just a click and you’re in the market. Your viewers can see your official activities and be a part of your experiences through the virtual world. Internet is a really strong medium and has played a huge role in changing lives. Interact with your viewers through videos and inform them of your business and your strategies. Video content and marketing is getting famous day by day and the growth in video credited internet traffic is exceptional.

  1. Wider Reach — As of April 2019, 56.1% of the population of the world has access to the internet and 81% of the developed world (SOURCE — WIKIPEDIA). With so many people active on digital media your idea will reach a very large number of people. You can be everywhere you want to. Live streams can gain more followers for your brand and increase your brand image and reputation. In fact, as per recent research online video viewing in our country alone has doubled in the last two years!
  2. Carries the ‘personal element’ — Videos are more personal. Viewers find videos more relatable than written articles. Videos give you a proper insight into actuality and reasonability whereas written articles don’t connect that well with their viewers. Businesses now mainly prefer video content marketing due to its popularity and instant success.
  3. Know your stats — Videos now have a fun feature that lets you know who watched your video, how many times was it shared, shared with whom, and where exactly was your video watched. This information will help you understand what is working for you and what is not. You can then work accordingly and introduce some changes if required. All of this is not possible in written content — a big drawback!
  4. Informative — You have the opportunity to describe your idea in detail. This will help your target audience to have a better understanding of your business. It will help your audience to decide what they like and what they don’t like in your idea/product. It will work as a decision-maker for them– whether they like and want to invest in your idea or not!
  5. Relives in the memory — It is more likely of a person to remember what he has seen rather than what he has read. Videos are impactful and stay with you forever if it carries good content that is emotion-provoking and hard-hitting.
  6. Direct action — Since we already talked about how impactful videos are it is an obvious fact that videos pursue people more easily than anything else. Be it an idea or a product if you execute it well people will definitely not think twice before giving it a go. Get on your best creativity and see it for yourself.
  7. Videos are more searchable — Youtube — an ‘only video site’ is considered as the second most famous search engine. With so many people investing their time on Youtube you can easily use this medium to promote your ideas and become an instant hit in the market.

Today, videos are the best medium one can use to grab attention. You just have to be different than the rest and surely you’ll get your share of attention throughout the world. With more than half of the population using the Internet it only benefits you and makes your way to success easy. Just a click and you’re all over the internet. But with so many benefits there are also some cons that follow along. You can be an instant hit or take a couple of years to be recognized and get popular. It all depends on how you advertise and what strategies you opt for. If it’s an eye-catcher people are definitely gonna spend their time on you and may even use the service you have to offer. Just make sure you get positive publicity and not negative. Negative publicity can destroy your reputation and you may never be able to perform well ever again because of the audience’s perceptions!

An advertising agency consists of a team of strategists; consultants; creatives and developers. All of them work together to improve your business through digital advertising by getting desired results i.e. to making your business popular and making profits out of it. In the modern era, digital marketing is in the top game. You get brand recognition, a loyal customer base, and increased sales.