Best YouTube SEO tools to boost your rankings

5 min readJul 27, 2022

YouTube is also considered a social media platform for many, equally important as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world with 2 billion monthly active users. Traditional SEO techniques are also used on YouTube, which requires a systematic plan. With uploading videos, boosting your YouTube reach and video ranking is also important. You will need to focus on quality over quantity for good content and ranking. You need to make sure your keywords are relevant and contain proper description and tags so that it appears on the page when an audience comes looking for a topic. Let’s look at YouTube SEO tools for boosting your video ranking.

1. Google Trends

This is a tool used to visualize and discover trends in people’s search behaviour which includes Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. This tool reviews a company’s SEO strategy. To use google trends on YouTube, Google Trends dashboard. Later, google trends will show you keywords based on popularity with which you will also be provided with the exact search volume percentage increase for each one. YouTube channel SEO optimizes your channel’s page, playlists, metadata, and videos.

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2. Tube Buddy

The Tube Buddy will give you a deeper look into the rankings and tags of other videos. With this tool, you will be able to spy on other people’s videos and use those tags and descriptions on your video to boost your ranking. You can grow your channel with successful tags which will work for gaining viewers and boost your ranking. This will also help compare different thumbnails and titles on the same topic and watch which will work better. It is super easy to use and will save a lot of your time. Seeking reliable and efficient youtube seo services will help you in optimum utilization of the best tools along with effective YouTube channel optimization.

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3. YouTube Analytics

This tool will help you get insight into your content, like how long your video is being watched, whether it’s liked or disliked, for how long your content is being watched, average view duration, re-watches, playlist engagement, and much more. With this, you will know your audience and their behaviour which will extend its reach and turn your channel into a good viewing destination, and will also boost video ranking.

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4. Rank Tracker

With Rank Tracker you can easily track keywords ranking all through your YouTube channel. This device has the access to fetch all videos linked with your channel domain. So, this will help you monitor your video performance in YouTube search results as well as Google, Bing, and Baidu as per your preferred country. This tracker will also give you a detailed overview of the features which are available in YouTube search results and appear for your channel, be it ads playlists, liver streams, or channels. You will get the chance to add unlimited domains for different channels which will be easier in case of managing your keywords.

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5. YouTube Autosuggest

When you search for a topic on YouTube, the moment you click the search button you get a lot of suggested videos offering suggestions for keywords and phrases to help you find the required video. This is beneficial for both creators and users. This is somewhat to Google Trends, where you can enter your required keyword or phrase and then can use the autosuggest results to find keywords that you are required to enter in your video description, titles, and tags. When you get to know the tags, you can help your YouTube channel grow with your video’s content. This way your content will be displayed when someone searches for a similar topic and can amplify your video’s reach.

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6. Rapid Tags

This tool is made to generate search engine optimization necessary tags for YouTube videos. With Rapid Tags you will be allowed to easily copy or edit a phrase or word which suits your needs and easily paste the same into the video tag section of your video on YouTube. This tool was released in 2016. Since then, it has gained immense popularity and various modifications from all over the globe.

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7. Answer the public

With an answer, the public can help you get to the top of Google. When this tool is combined with quality content and a good store, it focuses on the SEO principle of relevance. This tool also enables us to get a deeper level of understanding of how people search around topics.

8. vidIQ

This tool is another channel management kit that acts as a browser extension, which is essential for all the YouTube videos you open. This means advanced analytics for every video you find. These SEO marketing strategies organize a website’s content by topic to have great chances of appearing in search results.

Therefore, these were a few tools to boost your YouTube video ranking. Boosting video ranking and views isn’t easy, you will need some time to optimize your YouTube channel and videos. That’s how you can get your videos ranked higher or at least on the first page of YouTube search results.

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