How to Increase App Downloads on Google Play Store

5 min readAug 11, 2021
How to Increase App Downloads on Google Play Store

Play stores are burgeoning spaces. With the world heavily reliant on applications to carry out much of their personal and professional tasks, play stores have been witnessing a great surge in applications produced. With apps catering to every possible need readily available in play stores, the field has become increasingly competitive. It is hence necessary to ensure that your mobile application, following launch, gains traction and attracts downloads. Therefore, lets read to know how to increase app downloads in Google Play Store.

Following are some tips on how to increase app downloads in Google Play Store:

  • Authentic Logo and Name:
Authentic Logo and Name

Users in search of an app always prefer to trust applications that have a professional name and logo attached to them. The name given to the app must not be confusing or misleading. It must reflect the utility of the app and must also be memorable. The logo should be simple and classy, carrying a design not difficult to recognize. Setting up a unique and attractive name and logo can be the first step towards gaining downloads.

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  • Promise a hassle free interface:
Promise a hassle free interface

Providing screenshots of what the app has got to offer is crucial to gain the trust of a potential customer. These screenshots must give away a neat and organized user interface. It should also give a peek into those services that are unique to your application. These will attract users to give your app a shot.

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  • Provide a Demo Video:
Provide a Demo Video

Along with screenshots, a short, well-edited video of the working of the app will also be extremely beneficial. Most users check out these videos to ensure that they do not waste their data downloading the wrong apps. This video can also carry infographics that highlight the app’s selling points.

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  • Ensure Reviews and Ratings:
Ensure Reviews and Ratings

Most often, the initial downloads will be done by family, friends, and acquaintances. While referring the app to them, do not forget to request them to leave behind a review and rating. An honest review highlighting the strengths of the app will encourage other users to try out the app.

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  • Maintain a website and social media handles:
Maintain a website and social media handles

Yet another factor ensuring authenticity is your presence on social media pages. It is also necessary that the application has a website of its own. These pages can be utilized to market the app. They should be well-maintained and updated.

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  • Promote on Social Media:
Promote on Social Media

Since we live in an age of influencers and dedicated followers, collaborating with a social media personality with a good number of followers can do wonders for your application. You can always request the influencer to try out the app for a week or so and pitch it to his or her followers. Depending on the money you are willing to set aside for promotion, you can choose the influencer you want to collaborate with and also the number of details that are to be shared. It is important that you choose an influencer whose followers belong to the same category of consumers your application targets. Providing discounts through influencers for any of your application’s premium features is also a tried and tested strategy for procuring downloads.

  • Utilize Push Notifications:
Utilize Push Notifications

Once you have a set of people regularly returning to your app for your services, it will be safe to utilize push notifications to remind the user to leave a rating for the app in the Play Store. The notification can also request the user to share the app on their social media handles. Most often, when your services are top-notch, users will be more than happy to suggest the app to their friends and followers.

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  • Pay Attention to SEO:
Pay Attention to SEO

One of the reasons why even some of the best of applications fail to gain traction and fetch downloads is because the developer has not invested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO). Developers from India can seek the services of the best SEO agency in Delhi to tweak their websites and social media pages to increase visibility. SEO services in Delhi have been dubbed the best available for an affordable rate in the country.

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  • Utilize ASO:
Utilize ASO

One of the best tips on how to increase app downloads is through ASO. ASO specifically aims to provide a boost to apps. ASO would include employing proper keywords in the app description and strategically classifying your app. Unlike other app stores, Google Play Store allows you to provide a detailed description of your app. Optimizing your app description is hence crucial to gaining downloads in Google Play Store. As it specifically caters to apps, ASO is one of the best available options to fetch downloads.

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Providing the best of services and features alone cannot ensure the success of an app. What should entail is a creative, profitable marketing and optimization that will allow the app to reach out to the consumers that it caters to. This alone answers the question of how to increase app downloads. Increased downloads will then provide the momentum needed to give your app a wider reach.

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