How to Rank YouTube video for Higher Traffic on Your Channel

4 min readOct 1, 2020

Whether you are creating videos as a social media influencer, a great brand known to the world, or someone just requiring to have entertainment, you probably want your videos to confer upfront on YouTube. With the thousands and thousands of videos that are posted every month, this may seem like a huge achievement. Like Google, Just that YouTube has its algorithm that regularly ranks videos based on many circumstances. This is why we need to know the reasons and how to rank YouTube video up in the realms of searches.

What is YouTube SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ever-changing clientele of creating web content to raise ranking factors to place highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Since search is usually the gateway keeper to your content, optimizing your webpage for he needed is essential to draw the intended target traffic and build a clientele. YouTube SEO entails optimizing your channel, playlists, titles, description of the page, and the videos you upload onto YouTube. You can optimize your videos for search both in and outside of YouTube which we will come to in a while. A fundamental element to YouTube SEO is providing the potential of your video’s description in the form of copies, closed inscriptions, and subtitles.

Why do we need for YouTube SEO Services:

  1. Video Optimization

As YouTube SEO is a distinct kind of SEO method designed to enhance the distinctness of select videos among the thousands of other videos posted on YouTube every day.

2. Web Convenience

Like closed captions (CC) make your YouTube videos convenient to viewers who are much more. It also engages people to watch any of the videos on a busy train or a bus, in a tranquil environment where noise is prohibited such as a library.

3. Get featured on another channel

If you pick a channel in the specific same niche as yours, you could discover yourself dissipating viewers to the specific channel. Making sure you receive a link to your YouTube channel. You can also ask for any notes about it on their YouTube channel.

Let us jump into the topic of how to rank YouTube video:

1. YouTube Keyword Research:

As keyword research is building the initial list of keywords which is intended to amp your brand that goes parallel with the ethos and goals of the company. Whichever YouTube SEO company you choose must be able to execute the required keyword research. After choosing your target keyword or catchword, each part of your video should be optimized encompassing this keyword. This content covers the Title, Description, Tags, and exact video content. YouTube deciphers every video on YouTube; accordingly, if you incorporate your keyword completely in the video, YouTube will more clearly distinguish what the video is about and rank it more important.

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2. Optimize video thumbnails

Thumbnails are vital for search-related video traffic, and channel page optimization. One of the most observed snapshots of your video is one of the most significant optimizations for captivating views on your video platform. Obtaining a high click-through rate is crucial to your PPC success because it undeviating influences both your Quality Score and how much you get every time someone clicks on a search ad.

3. Audience withholding

Audience retention is whereby how long you can retain your viewers occupied with your video. Videos that have high view rates are going to stand higher on YouTube’s algorithm because it confers YouTube that your particular content is interesting and appropriate. To guarantee your audience withholding is enormous, make sure your video is focused throughout the issue through the point, so onlookers who view do not click off later it starts. You could also incorporate an incentive to wait until the conclusion of the video. This will improve your YouTube ranking.

4. Video Optimization

As YouTube SEO is a distinct kind of SEO method designed to enhance the distinctness of select videos among the thousands of other videos posted on YouTube every day. This is one of the most beneficial tips for how to rank youtube video.

Optimizing the titles of your video is a fundamental YouTube SEO assistance that can either be good for your ranking or detrimental. Either way, you want the users to come across your channel and click on the basic target keywords you have included.

Tagging is one of the most useful SEO features YouTube grants us with. Tagging enables you to insert appropriate keywords that improve your videos that can be helpful to get more views. Tags seriously benefit you as it helps people find your videos in their search content- similar to the way hashtags work on Instagram.

YouTube even suggests that you optimize your video description for SEO. As it holds a strong relationship with your video titles and your tags. Video description is basically to understand the content of your video shortly and more easily.

YouTube SEO services in India from a technological perspective is quite simple. Optimizing your titles, descriptions, tags, add compatible cards, end screens, or the description which would link and you are golden. But the most challenging section of video SEO is captivating your audience. Take these methods and how to rank YouTube video and center your attention on these three things: Stage it well, Engage the audience, Rank.

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