How to use Google Analytics for Increasing Your Website Traffic?

5 min readMar 10, 2021
How to use Google Analytics for Increasing Your Website Traffic

Are you wondering how to use Google analytics to increase traffic? Then let us tell you that you must first know what is all about google analytics? Normally, google analytics works through block inclusion of JavaScript on your website page. When viewers will view your website that time JavaScript file will execute the tracking operation.

Google Analytics is one of the popular digital analytics software. This is free service from Google which allow you to analyze in-depth the detail about visitors in your website. This also provides some valuable insights which help you to create the shape of the success strategy for your business. Here you will get the step-by-step procedure for using google analytics; so that it becomes easy for you to follow; since we are the best SEO company in Delhi, we do not compromise in quality.

The steps on how to use Google Analytics are as below:

Step 1:

First login, go to the appropriate site and analytics data: After you log in to the Google Analytics account, you will reach the homepage. After that, you need to select the correct site so that you can get access to the desired traffic.

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Step 2:

Reach to the reporting dashboard interface: Once you get the desired property, you will be redirected to “Reporting Dashboard”. Here you will get the main navigation where home, reporting, customization, and admin are included. They help you to navigate from the different sections in your google analytic account. After that, you need to follow reporting dashboard where you will get the collection of widgets through this you can monitor multiple metrics together. This will also help to do a quick check of your account health and traffic. Google Analytics will provide you the data for the past 30 days. For checking, you need to select the alternative date range and this you will get by clicking the next arrow and the selector will get open. After you select a new date range you need to ‘apply’ and update the report. In the main view reports and data will both be available and also details about your audience.

Step 3:

The key categories of Your Google Analytics report: Google Analytics report can be categorized into four parts. Since we are the best SEO company in Delhi, we follow the steps to get the correct result.

First preference is the audience where you will get a report, and it will give an overview of your website performance. This includes sessions, pageview, users, bounce rate, device information, average session duration, etc. Here user location will provide you the user’s geographic location. It will also give you information about the total number of visitors who visited your website, whatever they have browsed, and through which they have to browse all information you will get.

This is an overview of where your website’s top channel generates traffic. This traffic includes organic search, social media, display advertising, referral, email, paid search, and much more. There is an option for an even channel that gives you information regarding traffic mediums like a referral, paid, organic, socials, etc. There is one more section called source where you will know about the origin of the traffic. The referral report tells you about the web traffic which arrives from the other source. You will also get information about SEO data.

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This is just visitor’s behavior where you will come to know while visiting the page whatever action they have given. Through this, you can see one visitor how many times visiting the same site. There is site content that indicates which site the customer is visited most. After this landing page comes where the customer stands most of the time if they get some attractive information. The exit page is where you will get the information about when they have visited last and which page they have visited.

This is one of the most important parts where you can monitor form filling, product sales, growth of your business objects, etc. You can also monitor the conversion goal.

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This is a one-time report which allows you to monitor the activity on a timely basis. Through this, you will come to know how many people are viewing your site and interacting.

Step 4:

Now is the time to generate the report, and you need to put the time to receive the data. You need to go to the calendar and select the desired date so that you can fetch the data.

Final thought: We hope this article can help you by providing you the desire information about how to use Google analytics. This is fully technical, so you need to follow the steps to get the result.

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