Mobile SEO Optimization Tips for Increasing Website Rankings

5 min readMay 7, 2021
Mobile SEO Optimization Tips

Mobile SEO stands for search engine optimization of websites that look presentable and easily accessible on smaller screens such as mobile devices, tablets, etc. Recently more than half of the population spend a lot of time and hence, optimization of your website for mobile should be a priority. Many times some websites are designed for only computer or laptop users when such a website is opened on mobile devices, distorted images, small fonts, and ‘pinch and zoom’ things drive the audience away. Mobile SEO helps your website to attract traffic and also gives the user a quality experience while visiting the website. Given Mobile SEO Optimization tips will let you know how you can make your website more user friendly.

Listing out the advanced mobile SEO optimization tips for your business website:

  • Mobile SEO services:
Mobile SEO services

With the help of Mobile SEO Services, many mobile device users will get to know about your site. These services will help with optimizing your website to make it easily available and reachable on the big web of the internet. Mobile SEO services tend to make changes to the site’s algorithm that would conform to what search engines are looking for.

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  • Improve Site’s Loading Time:
Improve Site’s Loading Time

Your site’s load time is an integral part of the website. If someone clicks on the site and it doesn’t respond in a certain amount of time, they will go to some other website. Having mobile-friendly SEO will not only help you redesign your website that would be comfortable for mobile device users but improving the site’s load time is required to retain the visitors on the website. A mobile SEO tool, Google’s PageSpeed Insights will provide you information on your site’s load time. With the help of this tool, you can also understand where your Mobile SEO works well and where it needs improvement.

  • Responsive Design:
Responsive Design

Responsive Design is a very important component in Mobile SEO optimization. Responsive design helps in providing a quality experience for the users with mobile devices or laptops. Integrating responsive design makes the site easier to find and the visitors can easily scroll through the page and access the site.

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  • User friendly
User friendly

The practice of optimizing your site to achieve better ranking with a mobile device is what Mobile SEO is. A mobile-friendly SEO can make the website user-friendly which enhances the quality of experience.

  • The majority of people scroll with their thumbs, hence while working on mobile search optimization, it is important to have a thumb-friendly design.
  • CTA i.e. Call To Action should be easily navigable on the website.
  • The font size does matter a lot. Many mobile SEO tools would let you know if the font size that is readable on your desktop will be comfortable and visible enough to read on the mobile screen as well. It is important to use such SEO tools that would help you with Mobile SEO optimization.
  • Beware of Pop Ups:
Beware of PopUps

Pop-ups are used on a high range to catch the attention of the visitor. It can be anything from the sign up for emails or to downloading free content. They are an exceptional way of attracting visitors but while working on Mobile SEO optimization, it is important to keep in mind that they don’t cover the whole mobile screen and that it is easy to remove the pop-up from the screen. Having difficulty in finding an ‘X’ sign to close the pop-up can drive away the audience from your Mobile SEO-optimized site.

  • Local Seo:
Local Seo

An essential part of mobile SEO involves Local SEO. Mobile searches on google have shown that people have searched ‘near me’ three times more. This means that people are more and more looking for local businesses. Using local keywords will help your website appear in local search results. It will be beneficial in terms of Mobile SEO optimization.

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  • Optimize Title Tags and Meta description:
Optimize Title Tags and Meta description

This is one of the most important Mobile SEO best practices. Using the right title tag will help you boost your website ranking at a higher rate because that would be the first thing one would see before opening the website. The meta description provides the audience with a one-liner that will preview what the article is going to be about.

Many SEO companies in India have done their job of attracting traffic to websites with help of mobile SEO optimization. Mobile SEO optimization tips will help you to get a higher SEO ranking and a quality experience for your website visitors.

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