Why SEO For Mobile Apps?

5 min readJun 15, 2020

If you have come across SEO you must be thinking why should there be a necessity for using SEO for mobile apps and the relevance of it in the current technology sphere. Engineering a method to enhance visibility or exposure in the app store is usually the primary goal of most back-end app developers.

With the problem of numbers coming across the market space, download of the particular app is the go-to thing. So, app developers try many ways to get the piece of pie across the app store in the way of discovery and the number of followers. The users won’t just normally browse through the app store to get any of the application-they would do a traditional web search to get the desired app, therefore we must start from the crux of SEO. Even if you are a beginner in SEO education you must have heard of the acronym ASO or app store optimization. ASO is designated as a search engine optimization (SEO), but for applications. While the modest-staged app developer would truly believe its a waste of time and there seems to be no point in ASO.

This article is meant just for that and finds a relatively easier method to the answer for Why SEO for Mobile Apps:

The need for SEO for Mobile Apps is an important method for marketing

important method for marketing

With the invention of the internet and Google being the realm of search engines, there is enough possibility that more searches occur in mobile devices than any other device. Having said this it is a crucial factor to always include the visibility factor in mobile searches to increase the stronghold to dominate the app store market with your reliable application.

Why SEO for Mobile Apps is important for a better Marketing Strategy?

better Marketing Strategy

With Google certifying that more searches happen on mobile devices than any other device, and having many ways in which your apps can appear in search results, it’s becoming increasingly important to be visible in mobile searches. It could be that one or more users would be looking for the right application to get the day started and you would be the one offering the treat. Doing SEO for mobile apps makes them rebound to the app just by clicking on the result.

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Does your Mobile App need SEO?

App store search has come across to prompt more than 40 percent of app analysis. This means that a clever ASO approach isn’t just the ultimatum for increasing downloads in the app store. Many other factors influence downloads which the other 60 percent of users come around. Some study has also discovered that other channels such as word of mouth and people such as your family and friends, advertisements influenced consumer recovery. From this, a massive 27 percent of the discovery of apps is through the process of ASO or SEO which is one-fourth of the people with organic traffic through a Google search. In a practical sense, it’s very important to get the 27 percent to your application.

How to enhance SEO for Mobile Apps:

As all things should be there isn’t a huge practice to follow to increase ASO progress, with simple methods and excellent backlinks its possible to be the best in estimated traffic flow.

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1. A method of keyword research for both ASO and SEO:

method of keyword research

With the right keywords and the right basics selected keywords have to be utilized to bring in high organic traffic with low competition.

2. Get constructive ratings and reviews:

constructive ratings and reviews

We all know the importance of having marginally good reviews and targeted ratings can boost up the download sequence in the app store. So users with these reviews and ratings matter a lot for both SEO and ASO for your app store. So, Google just like any normal app store tends to increase with better reviews and ratings. Usually with more emphasis given to the keywords from the top page of the app, so regular reinforcement of the user to leave positive reviews is important.

3. Get excellent backlinks and optimize installs:

Get excellent backlinks

Having a quality backlink is the emphasis of a competent SEO. In the event of a mobile web search, what we want to boost is an app store detail or a download page. Beginning from adding a different link to many download pages on your website and trying to keep other pages interested in the app by talking about it is important to increase traffic and ranking in Google.

Which is more crucial to your mobile app marketing procedure, SEO, or ASO?

In terms of their level of influence, ASO has to be given the advantage of the main driver in scoring more for the discoveries and downloads of new applications. So, it’s practically important to choose one method to increase optimization. However, with so much added possibility of traffic to be misplaced, app developers would be frivolous not to adopt time in developing their app SEO.

To put the entire thing into a simple sentence, search in web or app store like Google Play or App Store is a great factor in increasing organic traffic in terms of ASO and SEO. To get the right keywords, advice on backlinks, and reviews and ratings to propagate proper usage of bringing in the traffic on an easier method is to bring in one of the best SEO agencies in Delhi to your business.

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